What is offered by Bromo Tour Package ?

When you are planning holiday in east Java, don’t forget to visit mount Bromo, one of the most popular travel destination in the island of Java. Most will ask one thing frequently: what will we get from Bromo tour package? It is said that your journey to the land of tropical culture won’t be completed unless you visit Bromo.

The mountain got plenty things to offer, such as stretch of sea sand that seem endless, beautiful sunrises, and beautiful landscape. In essence, mount Bromo is like paradise for those who love a journey to the outdoors through which they can enjoy. “Bromo” is derived from the word Brahma (which is known as a Hindu God). Mount Bromo is still active even though the size is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia.

Although not large, but the mount has several other advantages such as the dramatic beauty and spectacular views it offers. Extraordinary beauty of Bromo will invite admiration of tourists who visit it.

Bromo Tour Package

Offers from Bromo Tour Package

The tour package will offer some packages, all of which are in relation with mount Bromo. An offer is related to local living, the Tengger. Mount Bromo is home to orangTengger, very confident that the mountain is a cultural location where a prince is ready to sacrifice his life for her loved ones and their families. Tengger people often hold Yadnya Kasada festival or Kasodo once a year, where they will present the money, vegetables, and chicken to the god that is believed to live in the crater of the volcano. The festival has become one of the attractive offers to the tourists. The festival is usually held in 10th month (September-November). So you must come during the months in order to enjoy the mythical sphere of the Tengger culture.

However, the offer won’t stop at there as the mount still has many attractions to offer. One more attraction that must be tried while in Bromo is riding on a sea of sand. The sea of sand at Mount Bromo is very spacious and located at an altitude of 2392 meters. It is the only one uniqueness that only exist in Indonesia. Furthermore, the sea of sand looks very impressive when the sun comes up in the morning. If you plan to go to the mount, enjoying various offers from Bromo tour package, you should enter from Cemorolawang, where the morning sun is clearly visible there.

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